HELP SUPPORT migrants and refugees fleeing from crisis in Central America and the Christian leaders who will be assisting them!

¡AYUDE A APOYAR a los migrantes y refugiados que huyen de la crisis en América Central y los líderes Cristianos que los ayudarán!


With so many injustices...

Matthew 25 advocated for Pastor Noé Carias

...small and great, across the world and right at our doorstep, what are people of faith to do?
What if Christians were to shape their social justice efforts around the implications of the truth that God is real and Jesus is risen?

The Matthew 25 Movement is a growing national coalition of over 200 churches and Christian organizations who have committed to standing with vulnerable communities in the current fluid political climate. 

Matthew 25 SoCal is a local Southern California expression of this larger national movement and has as its current focus, the defense of vulnerable immigrant communities.


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Take the Matthew 25 Pledge!

Take the Matthew 25 Pledge!


Your donation allows us to connect vulnerable people with legal aid and create partnerships between Christians and governmental agencies. We offer immigration legal aid and educational training projects with our partners, seeking the most constructive solutions.

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“I pledge to stand with and defend the vulnerable in the name of Jesus.”
" Comprometidos a proteger y defender a los mas vulnerables en el nombre de Jesus."