Here are projects and initiatives that Matthew 25 / Mateo 25 SoCal is currently engaging in for communities around the greater Los Angeles County area.


We as an Evangelical community seek to creatively contribute in advocacy for policy reform at the governmental level. This task force leads and represents M25 SoCal in partnership with other immigration organizations in the area and lead efforts to exert pressure on elected officials. We are part of the California Immigration Roundtable, Universal Representation Coalition that provides services for asylum seekers in detention centers and the 'Continue Christmas' Drive that mobilizes communities to send immigration reform advocacy correspondence to the California ICE and Senator's offices.


Rev. Alexia Salvatierra at the May 2017 leadership meeting

Dr. Brad Christerson discusses the Protection and Defense team

We organize Rapid Response and physical accompaniment to help stop unjust deportations by bringing together immigrant churches, ally churches, and lawyers in constructive partnership. This includes providing legal aid, raising funds for deportee fees, matching immigrants with immigrant-friendly churches for support, accompanying immigrants to bond or deferred deportation hearings, and seeking sanctuary for vulnerable immigrants in the Los Angeles area, among others. Please contact us for more details on this M25 initiative. 

The advocacy/protection and defense team has also provided:

  1. Letter writing/calling/emailing officials in order to advocate for people who have been detained.
  2. Participating in events, prayer vigils, rallies, and protests to advocate for immigration reform in general or for particular cases (like Pastor Noe’s case).
  3. Reaching out and meeting with elected officials to encourage the passage of legislation protecting vulnerable immigrants.
  4. Raising awareness of the need for immigration reform through educational venues.
  5. We are also working on hosting a DACA renewal clinic.

Dr. Robert Chao Romero and Michael Mata discuss training.

We gather and curate literary, theological and legal resources to provide support for our activist community. As a great resource, Matthew 25 SoCal is blessed and fortunate to have prominent immigration lawyers, Sociology, History and Biblical Studies college professors and seasoned human rights and immigration Christian activists as part of our community. We also organize and sponsor local training summits and bilingual educational initiatives to mobilize church communities in the grater Los Angeles county area. Please contact us for details on how you can participate in this task force.


Rev. Alexia Salvatierra leading group prayer

To keep us grounded in Jesus this team offers spiritual support by leading us in a weekly prayer call.

This creative team supports the movement through communications and by producing multi-platform projects and media campaigns which feature the compelling life stories of immigrants and other vulnerable communities. 



    Dr. Nancy Yuen discusses social media

    • Standing with African Americans and Muslims in our communities  who face discrimination
    • Safe Spaces for Activists who need spiritual support