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Are you willing to be part of helping organize God’s people?

We pray that as you open your home, your apartment, your dorm room as a place to engage with fellow Christians, that it will be a safe space to look at God’s heart for the immigrant community and begin steps of engagement.  Maybe this is a first step for people from your church, and it will open the door for more study together as a group.  Maybe you will be led to invite a guest speaker to your group, or to your church as a next step.  You may also do a learning or advocating service project as a team.  We will assign a “coach” to you that will help walk you through these options!  Maybe God would use your small discussion group to bring this topic to your larger church and community!

Putting Immigration at the Center:

We must strive to always put race at the center of the conversation – seeking to understand how families within and across congregations have experienced opportunity and oppression differently.  We also aim to create space in these meetings for a clear understanding of how race, faith and power are operating in our city, state and country.  By opening up truthful and challenging conversations, these house meetings can transform people individually and create space for development of a new community.

Goals/Outcomes of base building meeting:

  •  Sharing the vision of Matthew 25 with a group of potential leaders for reflection and commitment.
  • Mobilizing attendees to take a purposeful next step.
  • Inviting attendees to host further meetings with others in their congregation or community.  

Purposeful Next Steps:


·         Sign Matthew 25 Pledge and share about tonight with two people this week

·         Donate

·         Sign Advocacy Letter


Small Group (Determine together if the group wants to continue)

 "The Stranger" is a documentary film by the Evangelical Immigration Table.

·         Gather to go through relevant curriculum

  • World Relief’s Welcoming the Stranger
  • Evangelicals for Social Justice Study on Immigration

·         Set up a debriefing meeting in the next 7-10 days and brainstorm a date to meet with a church leadership person

·         Host a speaker to learn about advocacy/policy opportunities

This video and others can be found on Voices of Christian Dreamers

·         Participate in an upcoming event or volunteer opportunity

o    M25 Prayer at a Detention Facility

o    Border Angels

o    Volunteer together at a World Relief clinic



·         Host a naturalization fair for your community or an immigration screening event through World Relief

·         Sign up to explore partnership between immigrant and nonimmigrant churches

·         Commit a Service to a M25 Missions Sunday/Immigration Sabbath

·         Create a church-rooted M25 ministry team (Advocacy, Prayer, Education/ Development)


Host Responsibilities:


  • Pray and brainstorm a list of potential attendees.  Begin with those you already believe are “on board” with the vision you’re working toward.
  • Call and text to invite people to attend.  Personal invites are always stronger than general announcements and emails.
  • Identify a home for the meeting. Don’t feel limited by the size of it!
  • Think of what atmosphere would make your friends feel welcome. A space where conversations can easily happen is ideal.


  • Have materials ready for potential purposeful next steps
  • Tell your story about what in your life has called you to lead now.


  • Thank and follow up with people who attended. Send a reminder of the purposeful next steps your group committed to.
  • Send in an update through our google form. (# of people, highlights, prayers, next steps)