Updated 11/6/2017

Giving Thanks for DREAMERs 

Join us every Monday until Thanksgiving in support of the DREAM Act in solidarity with our Dreamers. As we give thanks for the blessings of family and community let's keep in mind Dreamers need our support. If the DREAM Act doesn't pass in 2017 we will not be able to get another bill proposed until 2019. Dreamers and their families will be unable to work without renewed work permits, and vulnerable to unjust family separation.

  1. PRAY for the passage of a clean DREAM Act that allows legal status to over 800,000 DREAMERs across the country.
  2. CALL your representatives and let them know you care about DREAMERs and we need to pass a clean DREAM Act this year!
    Call: 1-866-940-2439
    *Please call 3 times to be connected to your 1 Representative and your 2 Senators.
    Sample Script to Representative/Senators: “I’m your constituent from [City, State]. As a person of faith and a constituent, I support dreamers. I strongly oppose President Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. DACA has provided nearly 800,000 immigrant youth the opportunity to work, raise a family, and pursue their dreams. Congress must do everything in your power to protect immigrant youth - I am calling to urge the [Senator/Representative] to support a clean passage of the Dream Act of 2017 (S.1615 / H.R.3440)."
  3. WRITE to your representatives and let them know you need them to represent you well by passing the DREAM Act. Click HERE to find their e-mail address or mail a hand written letter. They need to hear from you consistently. Write them every week until the DREAM Act is passed!
  4. SHARE the actions steps you are taking every week on your social media (e.g, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and ask your friends to do the same. Click HERE to take a poll on what you did this week and we'll share the results every week in our social media and e-mail distribution. 

Stand with Dreamers through prayer and public witness from October 15-21, 2017. We will hold prayer events in our churches, outside legislator offices and public spaces to advocate for a DREAM Act that respects the dignity of Dreamers and their families.


For questions or information, please contact Vanessa Martinez at info@matthew25socal.org.


Apoya a los Dreamers (Soñadores) por medio de oración y testimonio público la semana del 15 al 21 de Octubre, 2017. Oraremos en las iglesias, afuera de las oficinas de nuestros legisladores y en espacios públicos abogando por una ley del DREAM Act que respeta la dignidad de los Dreamers y sus familias.


Para más información, por favor comuní­cate con Vanessa Martinez at info@matthew25socal.org