Hispanic Evangelical Leaders and Evangelical Dreamers, crying out for justice on
the anniversary of the cry for justice that Hispanics remember as the “Grito”
(from the historic struggle against Spanish rule.) This press conference will
highlight a “Declaracion” signed by Hispanic evangelical leaders from throughout
Southern California. Dreamers will share their hopes and prayers. Evangelical
leaders will pray for, anoint and bless Dreamers.

WHEN: 10:00am, Friday September 15th

WHERE: In front of Payton Hall, Fuller Theological Seminary (largest evangelical
seminary west of the Rockies.)135 N. Oakland Ave, Pasadena CA 91182

WHO: Hispanic Evangelical Dreamers from different schools, Hispanic Evangelical
Leaders representing Centro Latino, Fuller Theological Seminary, Mateo
25/Matthew 25 SoCal, COPALA, La RED de Pastores y Lideres Latinos del Sur de
California and the Southern Pacific District of the Assemblies of God.

Evangelicals are known for supporting President Trump. However, when it comes
to immigration issues, Hispanic evangelicals (who make up a growing percentage
of the evangelical church in the US and of the Hispanic community worldwide)
have a different perspective. We have Dreamers in our midst who are our
children and the pride of our community; we stand by them and for them in the
name of our Lord and Savior Jesus – who said in Matthew 25 that when we
welcome the stranger, we welcome Him and when we reject the stranger, we
reject him. The “Declaración” is a statement by evangelical leaders throughout
Southern California designed to let our community and nation know where we
stand. We pray for justice for all of the Dreamers and for all immigrants caught in
an immigration system that is ineffective, illogical and inhumane.

Press Contacts:
Pastora Ada Valiente, mavaliente@live.com, 909-472- 4593
Dr. Robert Chao Romero, robertchaoromero@gmail.com, 626-437- 1477


Dreamers evangélicos y Pastores/Profesores Evangélicos clamando por la justicia
en el aniversario del Grito Mexicano. Presentamos una declaración, firmada por
líderes Hispanos Evangélicos en el Sur de California. Dreamers evangélicos
comparten sus esperanzas y oraciones. Oramos, bendecimos y ungimos los

CUANDO: 15 de septiembre, 10 de la mañana

DONDE: En frente de Payton, el Seminario Teológico Fuller (seminario evangélico
más grande de la región oeste del país) 135 N. Oakland Ave, Pasadena CA 91182

WHO: Dreamers evangélicos, Lideres de las instituciones e iglesias Hispanas
evangélicas, incluyendo el Centro Latino del Seminario Fuller, Mateo 25, La Red
de Pastores y Líderes Latinos del Sur de California, COPALA, y el Distrito del Sur de
California de las Asambleas de Dios.

Se conoce las iglesias evangélicas por su apoyo al presidente Trump. Sin
embargo, los evangélicos Hispanos no tenemos la misma perspectiva cuando
hablamos del tema de inmigración. Tenemos Dreamers quienes son nuestros
hijos e hijas, y representan el orgullo de nuestra comunidad. Caminamos con
ellos y les respaldamos, en el nombre de nuestro Señor Jesucristo quien nos dijo
en Mateo 25 que nuestras reacciones al inmigrante son reacciones a Él. Si
rechazamos a los forasteros, rechazamos a Jesús. Esta declaración anuncie
nuestra posición a la iglesia evangélica, a la comunidad Hispana y a la sociedad en
general. Oramos por la justicia para los Dreamers y para todos los inmigrantes
afectados por un sistema inmigratorio lo cual es ineficaz, ilógico e inhumano.

Contactos para la Prensa:
Pastora Ada Valiente, mavaliente@live.com, 909-472- 4593
Dr. Robert Chao Romero, robertchaoromero@gmail.com, 626-437- 1477



Los Angeles- President Trump has said that his immigration policy is focused on the deportation of people who are threats to public safety.  Why then has Pastor Noe Carias been detained?

Pastor Carias is serving a thriving evangelical church in South Los Angeles.  His wife as well as his 5 and 7 year old children are citizens. Pastor Carias has 25 year old deportation orders resulting simply from entering the U.S. without permission as a teenager.  His lawyer has filed petitions to remove those orders. Apparently, ICE is not even willing to wait for the court to decide whether Pastor Carias can stay in this country.  Evangelical Latino leaders joined by the interfaith community are committed to call on God and our government to release Pastor Noe Carias.  

WHAT:  Public Prayer Vigils to Ask for the Release of Pastor Noe Carias

WHEN:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday July 25-28. Tuesday and Friday, Mrs. Carias will be available for interview

TIME:  Tuesday-Thursday, 11:00am-1:00pm. Friday, 7:00pm-9:00pm

WHERE:  Tuesday-Thursday, Los Angeles Federal Building of USCIS. Friday, Pastor Carias’ Church: Iglesia Pentecostes Cristo la Roca de Poder, Asambleas de Dios

ADDRESS:  Tuesday-Thursday, 300 N. Los Angeles, CA 90012. Friday: 1925 Temple St., Suite 211, Los Angeles CA 90026

WHO:  Southern District of the Assemblies of God, COPALA, La Red de Pastores del Sur de California, Matthew 25, UNIDOS, CLUE, LA Voice

Media Contacts: Guillermo Torres, 323-228-2753 & Pastor Ada Valiente 1-909-472-5593

As Assemblies of God Southern District Superintendent Dr. Sergio Navarette states,  “Pastor Noe Carias is and has been a faithful and very active member, local church leader, and Pastor of the Southern Pacific District of the Assemblies of God for the past 23 years. It's our prayer, hope and desire for ICE to grant the stay of removal for him. He's married to Mrs. Carias, a US Citizen, and they both have two precious children. As their Superintendent, I've known Pastor Carias for many years and I can testify of his faithful service to God and to our Hispanic people for many years."

Pray for Pastor Noé Nolberto Carias Mayorga

The stay of removal petition for Pastor Noe Carias was rejected.

We call upon all believers to :

Pray for him on Sunday July 16 and 23.

Accompany on Monday July 24 at 8 AM to his appointment with ICE at 300 N. Los Angeles St., Los Angeles, CA 90012.

"Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers." - Galatians 6:10

Pray for June 5 ICE Meeting

From Brad Christerson-

A number of us (Matthew 25 and other advocacy group representatives) are meeting with ICE officials on Monday at noon to request that they return to more just and compassionate deferred deportation criteria.   Please pray for the meeting, and that the hearts of the ICE officials will be moved!


Update on Pastor Noe Mayorga


Dear Friends:

I write with good news! Thanks to your prayers and advocacy efforts, and our critical partnerships with La Red, COPALA, CLUE, LA Voice, Fuller Seminary, the Assemblies of God, and dozens of other churches and community orgs, Pastor Noe Carias Mayorga is home with his family today. Although a final decision was not made on his case, he was released to his family this morning after his scheduled appointment with ICE. A decision will be made on his case in the next 3 months.
Although this wasn't the big victory we were hoping for, it does represent small but significant win. If it were not for the major community intervention, Pastor Carias Mayorga would most certainly have been deported today. In fact, we were told that he had a 90% chance of deportation.

I am reminded of Paul's words in the book of Romans:
"If God is for us, who can be against us? 32 He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? 33 Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies." Romans 8: 31-33.

We still have significant work ahead, but we will celebrate God's victory today!
Grateful for you and all your faithful service to Jesus and the Carias family. Special thanks to Pastores Valiente and Rev. Alexia Salvatierra for leading us in this important community effort. Special thanks to the Matthew 25 So Cal Deportation Defense and Social Media Teams!

In Christ,
Robert and Erica




When Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, he was making a bold and subversive statement: He was Lord and King, and Caesar was not. As the true Son of God, Jesus came to save, redeem, and transform every aspect of our lives and the world. Today we march in symbolic action to declare that Jesus is still King, and that all oppressive immigration laws and policies must bow to him and the moral law of God. Our current immigration policy is unbiblical because it destroys families, criminalizes those who contribute more than 400 billion dollars per year to the U.S. economy (UCLA N.A.I.D. Center), and refuses biblical hospitality to those fleeing death and violence in Central America and the Middle East. In the words of St. Augustine, these unjust laws are no law at all.

We march in solidarity with the millions of immigrants and refugees who currently suffer deeply under these broken immigration laws and policies. In the prophetic example of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and César Chávez, we carry out these actions today in love, non-violence, and fidelity to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Professor Robert. C. Romero
Co-Director, Matthew 25 Movement SoCal
Associate Professor of Chicana/o and Asian American Studies, University of California, UCLA